Learn why tokenization is the future. See why your Company or Brand’s assets should be built on Ravencoin.

Photo Credit: TheHumbleMiner

Infinite Possibilities

Ravencoin makes tokenization of everything from art to real estate, easy, legal, and transferable.

Rvn’s Human-readable asset names provide branding, provenance & value.

Best of all NO Smart Contracts are required.

The brilliant Devs baked all the requirements to tokenize the Stock Market into the core protocol.

Making it simple for you to tokenize just about anything you can imagine.

Code fork of Bitcoin

Fairly launched, proof of work mined chain with an asset-aware protocol that allows users to easily create and manage unique digital assets.

Fair Launch

Announced on October 31, 2017, and released binaries for mining on Jan 3, 2018.  Our truly decentralized experiment is believed to be compliant with the SEC’s HOWEY as is the original BITCOIN, unlike many of today’s dominant Cryptocurrencies with clear leaders and home offices that issued pre-mine tokens for the enrichment of their core team.

Easy to Mine

Designed to be mined on readily available consumer-grade hardware, the KAWPOW algorithm. is designed to be ASIC resistant and efficient on consumer GPU hardware.


RVN utilizes the InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data with uniquely identify content-addressing for each file, making development easy & flexible.

Messaging Stakeholders

Newsletters, game developers, non-profits, activist organizations, corporations and other
entities will be able to issue transferable tokens for messaging specific users.


Holders of a token can be notified of a vote, distributed 1:1 to the token holders. Votes can be returned to addresses that tally the votes making delegative or liquid democracy is possible.


Representing a share of a project. Tokenize anything from Gold bars to Energy credits (Electricity, Wood, Gas, Oil, Wind).

Asset Issuance

Token names for Ravencoin digital tokens (assets) are guaranteed unique. The first to issue a token
with a given name is the owner of that token project. Strictly first come, first served.

Whitehats Look-Out

Many in the $RVN community lived through Dotcom cyber squatting. Many have taken the Oath to resell the Main Assets they secured for your Brands bennit, selling to the ideal owner for the same 500RVN they paid.

Typical Asset Types

Most start-ups will only need a Main Asset (Brand Nane), Sub-Asset (Product line, Music Album, or perhaps Movie) & Unquie Asset aka NFT, all representing transferable ownership of a digital or physical item.


Allow the payment of rewards (or dividends) in the native token & is
automatically divided evenly and sent pro-rata to the holders of the asset.

Restricted Assets

A security or digital currency token that complies with regulatory rules when operating in peer-topeer mode or Subscription-based assets.

What will it cost to get started?

Getting started is probably a lot less than you imagine. The first thing you want to secure is your brand’s Main Asset. Think of it as your Dotcom in Web.3.0 Main Asset Names cost 500RVN. Sub-assets 100RVN & each Unique Asset only 5RVN. Use the live ticker to calculate your cost.

It is ok to do the calculation a few times because

  • Can it really be that inexpensive?
  • Why haven’t I heard of this before?

The answers are the same as with Bitcoin in the early days. Ravencoin was a fairly launched experiment. That means:

  1. NO pre-mined coins
  2. NO owners
  3. No big stakeholders in control
  4. No home office
  5. No marketing budget

Who gets all the $RVN spent on Asset creation?

No one. It all goes to a Burn wallet. That means as each Asset is created, transaction made, message sent, and vote cast the supply dwindles. Fear not! The brilliant Devs that looked at how to do Bitcoin better, not only built-in all the functionality above without the need for Smart Contracts, they started with a mineable supply of 21 billion with each $RVN divisible by 100,000,000 tiny pieces called “sats”

Speculate or Build?

At $RVN’s current price, building on the platform may never be better. 

RVN Community

Ravencoin offers a community like no other. You are never truly alone when you join this blockchain. From Art,Tokenization,gaming or the Metaverse, there are people to supoort your vision.

Build a future

The WorldWideWeb browser (renamed Nexus to avoid confusion) was released in 1990. The globe got connected. In 1993 NCSA’s Mosaic made the world seem smaller. In 2009 Satoshi gave us an electronic peer-to-peer cash system. In 2018 $RVN made tokenization simple. Now, we are past the land grab and are about to enter full-on BoomTown! Places on the main street are springing up fast. What will you build on #Ravencoin?


Learn by Playing

The Humble Miner

The Humble Miner is a 2D classic mining game where players compete to mine the most blocks. Each month the top 10 players will earn some cryptocurrency for their mining efforts. Every player can also earn digital assets even if they don’t hit the Top 10 Leaderboard! Game Features: – Competitive!

Start with NFTs

@bwboatrent operates a local boat rental near Plam Beach, Fl. They know families come to Florida to relax, explore & create fun memories. As they stated in a pinned Tweet, “Times & technologies change, showing images to others upon return never will. This summer, our customers will bring back something new. Membership in the $RVN #NFTCommunity & that’s worth a lot.” They put our an offer to Ravencoin NFT Artists to commission boat rental themed art that maintained the artist’s style. They will promote one of the submissions each week in the companies on going social media campaigns on Facebook. Every renter is eligible for an digital a art reward. Each week one random customer will be awarded the choice of an NFT that remains in any of the companies RVN NFT marketplace wallets.

Mining Ravencoin

Ravencoin mining isn’t for everyone, but it can be very rewarding.

What is mining? Mining is just running software on your computer that verifies Ravencoin transactions. To prevent bad actors from mining and blocking transactions, each mining computer works on a puzzle. First to solve the puzzle (each minute) gets 2500 RVN.

Most miners work together to solve the puzzle and then split the reward. This is called pool mining.

Mining works best if you have a graphics card (from NVidia or AMD). Lots of computers, especially gaming computers will have a graphics card. You can mine without a graphics card, but it is much more efficient with one.

How to mine:

  • Pick a mining pool.
  • Install the software.
  • Add your account name, and Ravencoin address (to be rewarded), and run the software

That’s it.
The buttons below are a few pools you might try. Each will have instructions on how to get started.